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FAQ's - Live Streaming

If I tip, will it show up on live on stream?

Yes, your genrous tip will show up live on stream. One of our models will personally thank you! Please note - tips will only show if we are live streaming.

If I purchase a subscription for the live-stream, what do I get?

1. Access to live-streaming and ALL previous live streams
2. Chat exclusively to our models
3. Exclusive access to our private Pateron and Snapchat

What alerts show up live on the stream?

1. All tips/donations 2. Youtube subscriptions and superchats
3. Pateron subscritpions
4. Merchandise purchases

Whats the difference between the Exclusive Live Stream and the Youtube/Facebook streams?

Youtube/Facebook streams are ONLY occur once bi-weekly, and is PG13 content.
The exclusive live streams are DAILY, and are adult entertainment content.

What does the tip board mean?

The tip board shows the exact amount for a particular alert to be triggered LIVE on stream. For example, if you tip $4.20 - then a special alert will be displayed live on stream.

Certain tip amounts give you access to special alerts and allow you to display a message on stream.

What does the top monthly tipper receive?

Besides our eternal love from our girls, the TOP monthly tipper will recieve exclusive rights to our theme. You will have the choice to choose a THEME for a up-coming stream.

Note - we contact you directly after the month is over, and recieve your theme request. We will coordinate with you on the date/time.

What is our stream schedule?

Where can I find the girls socials in the live-stream?

You can find them here.

What is proper chat ediquite? What things should I avoid when chatting?

When is Babes Espresso going to start their exclusive live streaming venture?

November 1st, 2020

How do I start chatting?

Coffee · Smoothies · Food · Babes

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